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About Sherry...

A native of Los Angeles, I grew up with a family immersed in the music business.  Vegas and rock and roll were a far cry from the world of voiceover.  At nineteen, I decided to become an actor, and began studying all my on-camera skills.  My first big break was working on Robert Zemeckis’ first feature film, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”  I then landed a lead in a Norman Lear pilot, “It’s A Dog’s Life”.  That series didn’t make it … but I was offered an NBC contract!  Unfortunately, it was also during that year that there was a very long SAG strike.  It was around this time that I went to Hanna-Barbera for a general audition, knowing absolutely nothing about voiceover.  It went well and I booked my first voiceover job, with Gordon Hunt directing.  I remember standing in the recording booth next to Frank Welker (who somehow made voices come out of his elbow) and all these amazing, talented veterans.  Right then and there I decided this was the area I wanted to work (play) in forever.  I have never gone to makeup and hair since!
I was very much aware of the talent pool I would be working with so I began taking private lessons with the legendary Daws Butler (the voice of Yogi Bear, etc.) in his back pool house.  I remember, fondly, him showing me how to create characters from scripts and sides he had written himself.  I still have the copies. 
I landed my first series, “The Get Along Gang” (playing Portia Porcupine), followed by “Pink Panther and Sons.”  Friz Freling, the creator of the show and legend in his own right, was at every session.  I was so fortunate to have both Daws and Friz so early in my career.  I learned so much from both of them, not to mention every actor, director, editor and engineer I’ve had the privilege of working with.  I’m still learning at every job!  Over the years, I have enjoyed being in many series and have had the privilege to be a part of numerous animated features, television shows and anime projects.
When not recording, I have been the artistic director of a children’s theatre company, Children’s Theatre Group of Southern California (CTGSC) for the past sixteen years, and have produced over 40 main stage productions in the Los Angeles area.
Thank you to all who have encouraged, inspired and believed in me! And especially to my 'favorite family!'.

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